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Let’s do (new) lunch

Filling out a form at a doctor’s office the other day, I came to question that I hadn’t thought about since high school: What are your hobbies or activities?

"Light" lunch at Big Orange in Midtown.

“Light” lunch at Big Orange in Midtown.

I had to give several minutes of heavy thought to whether or not I could write down “eating.”

When it comes to my favorite meal of the day, I just really don’t want to choose between my kids, you know?

But given a real Sophie’s Choice, I’m opting for lunch.

It’s partially because of my mid-day location. Working downtown gives me access to more than your average sandwich line. And with lunch, it’s easier to convince yourself that a little calorie splurge is worth it. Because you’re totally just eating carrots and hummus for dinner, right?

But one of the real reasons behind my recent increased love for lunch is the options that have popped up semi-nearby lately. In the span of a week or so I’ve taken down sandwiches, salads and soup at Big Orange Midtown, Mugs Cafe and South on Main and (spoiler alert) each was worth returning for.

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