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10 things to know about One Eleven at the Capital

The new bar at One Eleven at the Capital. Photo by Arshia Khan

The new bar at One Eleven at the Capital. Photo by Arshia Khan

Local food media and marketing executives piled into the new One Eleven at the Capital hotel last night for a first look at the renovated space. Previously known as Ashley’s, the new restaurant now features a large bar area, stripped down decor and a revamped menu. The space will be open tonight for dinner, but before you scramble for a reservation, here’s what you should know:

1. The lobby bar is gorgeous. Though it serves One Eleven, the bar area faces the Capital Hotel’s lobby, allowing patrons to choose between one of the dozen barstools or taking cocktails out into the lounge seating in the lobby to enjoy. The bar itself features a stunning zinc bar top with tall glass shelves displaying the hotel’s hefty wine and spirit options.

2. The dining room is fresh, but not unrecognizable.  Designed by David Kleinberg & Associates in New York, the dining room has a younger, more relaxed vibe than those heavy drapes and pastels used to give off. Now, the area features hardwood floors, bare hardwood tables at lunch, brighter white trim and modern artwork along the walls. It’s … Read more >

Chef Antunes hints at Ashley’s revamp

Wish Ashley’s at the Capital Hotel was a bit more relaxed? You may be in luck.

I had the chance to sit down with executive chef Joël Antunes to chat about his adjustment to Little Rock and Southern cuisine for our February issue of Arkansas Life. In his first year on the job at the Capital Hotel, Antunes has completely revamped the Ashley’s menu, focusing on the local produce and the fresh, simple preparations he loves. Now, it seems he’ll be overhauling the menu again as Ashley’s goes through a renovation this spring.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/ERIC HARRISON

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/ERIC HARRISON

Antunes says the work is set to being in March and finish mid-April, and Ashely’s will be closed for five or six weeks while the construction takes place. The Capital Bar and Grill will remain open.

“I’m going to keep a very similar direction for the menu, but we’ll have new equipment for the kitchen…a nice grill for meat, so that will change things,” Antunes says.

The menu will retain an international focus (as opposed to the Southern-influenced Bar and Grill), and Antunes says he

plans updates for the banqueting menu and pastry menus as well.

There are also plans to include what Antunes … Read more >