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The wonders of a Taco Bell Breakfast

Arshia really tried to make this look pretty.

Arshia really tried to make this look pretty.

While the rest of the central Arkansas foodie world was queuing at Mylo Coffee this morning , I was busy at the Taco Bell on Broadway in downtown Little Rock, debating whether it was more polite to simply ask for one of everything on the menu, or slowly list out my gigantic order.

Yes, we tried nearly everything. Cinnabon Delights, a Sausage Melt, Sausage Grilled Taco, Bacon Burrito, Bacon Crunchwrap and both the bacon AND sausage versions of the Waffle Taco. The grand total for the lot? $13.49 and the burning shame of causing a traffic jam in the drive-thru lane at 8:30 while the kitchen scrambled (ha) to put together the order.

Naturally I didn’t eat everything by myself. Here’s what the staff of Sync and Arkansas Life had to say about the latest addition to the fast food breakfast scene:

Bacon Burrito ($1.79)
Though ultimately underwhelming as a breakfast item—the bacon rubberized; the cheese questionably salty; the tortillas dry and densely packed—the Bacon and Egg Burrito is something I could foresee consuming, say, at the tail end of a late-night bender. (Edit: Fifteen minutes later, I can still feel … Read more >

Sync Craft Beer Tournament Readers’ Choice Final Four

It seems like only yesterday Shea and I were narrowing our picks for the 32 brews competing in the 2014 Sync Craft Beer Tournament.

Now, the Readers’ Choice Bracket is down to the Final Four. Judging by these picks, y’all certainly like your local brews. Three of the four are Arkansas natives.

Thanks to everyone who has been voting online. Voting for the next round kicks off Tuesday, March 25 (aka tomorrow) and will end on Thursday, March 27. If you haven’t yet, register and vote at Sign up to vote, and you’re entered to win a full-size kegerator.

And remember, if your favorite brewery or beer didn’t make the Final Four here, Shea and I have the Sync Craft Beer Staff Choice Bracket going as well. Our Final Four will be revealed in the latest issue of Sync, on stands March 26.

Readers’ Choice Final Four

Easy Drinking: Fossil Cove Paleo Ale


Hoppy: Boulevard Double-Wide IPA

Dark and Rich: Vino’s Lazyboy Stout


Wild Card: Core ESBRead more >

Sync Craft Beer Tournament Readers’ Choice Round 1 Winners


Voting closed March 9 on Round One of the Readers’ Choice bracket and the winners are in.

Here’s what will be moving on to Round Two of the Sync Craft Beer Tournament Readers’ Choice bracket:

Easy Drinking

Boulevard Wheat

Fossil Cove Paleo Ale

Diamond Bear Southern Blonde

Bayou Teche LA-31 Biere Pale


Lazy Magnolia Timber Beast

Diamond Bear Presidential IPA

Vino’s Pinnacle IPA

Boulevard Double-Wide IPA

Dark and Rich

Boulevard Bully! Porter

Vino’s Lazy Boy Stout

Schlafly Oatmeal Stout

Flyway Free Range Brown Ale

Wild Card

Core ESB

Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan

Boulevard Tank 7

Prairie Birra


Head to starting Tuesday, March 11 to cast your vote in Round Two. Had a favorite beer that didn’t make the cut? They still have a chance. Be sure to pick up a copy of Sync on stands March 12 to see which beers moved on in our Sync Craft Beer Tournament Staff Choice bracket, selected by me and Shea Stewart.


 … Read more >

Sync Craft Beer Tournament 2014: How we picked


By now, you’ve probably heard that we’re hosting a March Madness-style bracket throw down to determine the reigning craft beer champ in the Little Rock area. (If this is news to you, go here to vote, or start following me on Twitter, where I’ve been blabbing about it for days).

The brackets come in two forms: The people’s choice, where readers and beer lovers can cast their votes and staff’s choice, where Shea Stewart and I put our beer love to the test of narrowing the 32 beers down to a final four. Then, with a panel of area beer experts, we’ll crown a staff’s choice winner.

But how did we pick the 32 in the first place? Good question.

We drank some beers and picked what we liked.

Well, not really. But it was a completely editorial decision on the part of me and Shea. We recognize that taste in beer is subjective, and our preferences may not line up with every reader. But the choice was in our hands.

All beers had to meet a few criteria: Available in central Arkansas and brewed in a state in Arkansas’ orbit, aka the Mid-South/Midwest.

We started off concentrating … Read more >