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Kent Walker Artisan Cheese tasting room on track for spring opening

There’s been a lot of cheese talk around here lately. A deli tray holding a mountain of cheese cubes showed up on our free table at lunch, and The Main Cheese is opening in Little Rock tomorrow.

Which led us to wonder: What’s happening with Kent Walker’s cheese storefront?

Kent was kind enough to jump on the phone this afternoon for a quick chat.

The basics: Kent Walker Artisan Cheese will be moving production and aging to a new space in the renovated building at 524 Main St., caddy-corner to The Rep, in the next few months.

Construction has been in process for almost a year, and it seems like things are on track for a spring opening, Walker says. Even with delays, it will definitely be open before 2015.

The underground space will include rooms for manufacturing and aging which will be visible through windows in a tasting room that will serve wine, beer and cheese.

The space will expand production capacity, which Walker says his company will “grow into.”

“It’s basically the opposite of a wine bar, where you have all these awesome wines and five cheeses that they just grab,” Walker says. “Here you’ll have a whole … Read more >

Is this the last Cheerwine in Little Rock?

Sad soda news of the day:

My Arkansas Life colleague, Jordan Hickey, reports from Mugs Cafe in Argenta this morning that their small stock of Cheerwine and other artisan sodas may soon be on the way out in favor of glass bottles of more in-demand sodas. Grab ’em while you can!

Cheerwine. So rare, so perfect.

Cheerwine. So rare, so perfect.

What is Cheerwine, you ask? Only the cherry soda nectar of Gods straight from North Carolina. It’s hard to find outside the East Coast, where it’s something of a local legend. It also tastes surprisingly good with a little whiskey.

I was surprised when I first noticed it in stock at Mugs and am sad to see it go (though not totally surprised by lack of demand).

Anyone out there with a hot tip on where this occasional Cheerwine junkie can still get their fix in Little Rock?… Read more >

Rock Town’s rum hitting stores, more products on the way

Are you a rum-and-cola drinker wanting to keep their bar cart stocked with local goods? Keep an eye out at local liquor stores for the latest Rock Town release, Rock Town Barrel Aged Rum.

Rock Town Barrel Aged Rum

Rock Town Barrel Aged Rum

Like the rest of their line, the rum is distilled, aged and bottled at their Little Rock distillery. The stuff is made of dark brown, pure cane sugar, aged in leftover whiskey casks for 10 months and clocks in at 90 proof.

If you’ve taken a tour of the distillery lately (or just dropped by the tasting room) you may have already tried the stuff, which has been available at Rock Town for the last month or so. This week, bottles will be heading to area stores via distributors for sale en masse.

The rum is not a mellow spiced rum, so expect a little more punch with this variety.

Rock Town currently distributes in 10 states and in the UK. Next on the horizon for the distillery is a single-malt whiskey and a sour mash version of their bourbon to join the ranks of their whiskey, vodka, gin and Arkansas Lightning line.… Read more >