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Need booze for a crowd? Try a holiday punch

This article appears in the December issue of Arkansas Life magazine. Be sure to pick up a copy on stands next week!

Big holiday parties are an ideal time to knock the dust off that matching crystal bowl-and-ladle set. And to convince yourself that sugary drinks pair perfectly with turkey and pie. But punch doesn’t have to mean red, fizzy and sherbet-topped.

Punch—boozy, balanced and crowd-pleasing—is the grandfather of the modern cocktail. And while party-friendly libations have long been a syrupy mainstay at baby showers and brunches, modern bartenders are harking back to historic recipes to bring punch to its former honored place at the party.

Punch at Maxine's | Hatch & Mass Collective

Punch at Maxine’s | Hatch & Mass Collective

Think of the punch bowl as the water cooler of the party world: a gathering spot to refresh glasses and gossip. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it drink option that leaves a host free for more important tasks, like sneaking a few sips of his or her creation. And with so much drink to work with, punch is more forgiving if a mistake is made. A little of this and a splash of that can help liven up the equilibrium.

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